Sunday, January 15, 2012

knitting a braided ball

I found a pattern for this on Ravelry (search for braided ball) and had to make one. This one is about 6 inches in diameter with a big hollow center.

It's easy, mindless knitting of 6 strips that curl into tubes, then just a simple braiding and stitching job to form the strips into a ball. Directions are on the Ravelry site.

Today's accomplishment!


Anonymous said...

I love the pattern. However, I have not been able to find anywhere online about how long the strips are, only to knit 58 rows or 68 rows, or whatever. Any thoughts?

Nita Van Zandt said...

Hi! As I recall, I made the ones for the small balls about 6 inches long, the one for the bigger ones about 9 inches long. If the lengths aren't perfectly even, it doesn't matter. You make the first shorter loops then weave the longer strip to use up the longer lengths.