Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I actually knit these!

I haven't done a pair of socks in years, not happy with the standard variety of heel structures and having to pick up stitches, etc.

Then I found Cat Bordhi's Houdini socks, a design she refined and improved in her book "Personal Footprints for the Insouciant Knitter"

Wow, easy to make socks from the toe up that fit my feet perfectly! I finished them in 3 days while attending talks at Arisia, the Boston sci-fi/fantasy convention. Simple construction and no heel flaps, which I personally consider ugly, even if they're hidden in shoes.

I did a simple k3, p3 ribbing for the legs. I have skinny feet and bony ankles, so a 42 stitch round on size 2s is big enough, with ankle ribbing for good fit.

Thank you, Cat Bordhi!

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