Friday, April 23, 2010

Busy cat

Putting in naptime in all the chairs is a big job. He works hard at it.

I drew this with a Derwent watersoluble 4B pencil. I decided to paint it in, experimenting with a triad of Daniel Smith paints: quin gold, quin burnt scarlet, phthalo blue (red shade).

Surprisingly, the Derwent didn't dissolve under the strokes of w/c. I was able to keep the shading on the cat and the lines in the wicker! I flowed the paint on very lightly and didn't rub, but still, that non-dissolving was unexpected.

The second discovery was how well these paints made a light brown AND a near-black. Phalo blue always makes nice greens, no matter what yellow it is mixed with.

In the Canson sketchbook.

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