Wednesday, March 31, 2010

not a landscape

Since I drew this standing up, holding the sketchbook. and left out at least a dozen trees, I'm claiming it's a still life object, not a landscape.

Though maybe including a big boulder muddies the category. I'm slowly trying more architecture drawing, but hate all those ought-to-be-at-least-somewhat-straight lines (as I refuse to use a ruler for sketching).

I drew this house as though each rectangle and triangle were puzzle pieces fitted together.

And I liked how the graphite smudges and the scanning edge-darks created a gray toning, making the white areas glow.

Graphite and w/c in the 9x12 Canson sketchbook.


Tracy said...

Why, are you somehow averse to drawing landscapes?

Nita said...

In the few I've tried, I fail utterly in composition (out of bland rolling hills and masses of trees), creating interesting focal points, and patience at picking out accurate tree shapes, fences, and such.

Doing people and objects is so much more achievable at this point in my practice.

But I'm working on getting better at making 3D things into 2D images.