Monday, May 19, 2008

subdueing the Moleskine's resistance

The interaction of fluid with paper is a constant fascination for me. After avoiding it for a long time, I went back to sketch in the water-resistant Moleskine sketchbook.

The line of bubbles worked perfectly for fabric texture.

I've discovered that if I use 180-weight sandpaper and lightly stroke the paper, w/c will flow on MUCH better. I plan to use this sketchbook more often now. I'd tried changing the surface by spraying or adding things to the paper--then suddenly realized I needed to sand *off* the resistance. Eureka!

Pelikan Tech pen, my other new favorite art tool, after the sanding block.

(P.S. --Armand at has linked me, spreading the word of this sanding idea. Thanks, Armand! I just want to point out that this particular shoe drawing was NOT on sanded paper. Those posts are yet to come.)


Teri C said...

Hey Nita! good to 'see' you again. If not for Moleskinerie I would not have found you.

I got the Mole Japanese fold out book which has paper just like this one and I use the old soap in water method to subdue it.

Nita said...

Hi, Teri! I've been here all along, dabbling away :-)

I never clicked with adding soap to my paint water because I sketch mostly on the move with a waterbrush. Don't want to carry soap, and if I empty the waterbrush during the day, I can refill it from my waterbottle, etc. If I pre-sand some pages (and mark them), then the book in my bag is good for whatever the mood brings.

Anonymous said...

Yippee. Ditto what Teri wrote :)


Lianne said...

I came to your site via Moleskinerie, and I have to say, Thanks so much for the tip! I was pretty disappointed when I saw my moleskine not take to my waterbrush and watercolors, but with this tip, I'm prepared to give it another go! Thanks!